About us


Birth of VR EMERGE

VR EMERGE was born in the creative spirit of three entrepreneurs. What started out as a hobby while traveling around the world soon became a long-term pool job. Our trip was not just full of beautiful experiences and new cultures. It was full of exciting encounters with entrepreneurs, gaining new skills and developing our business.


In a nut shell, we augment human capacity. That’s a heady claim to make and can seem jingoistic, but our wide reach around the world, and our interactions with people in a number of fields has led us to be able to assert this. Let us explain. We develop immersive technology solutions that have shown an incredible ability to educate, train, and solve real-world problems. This augments the performance of individuals and improves their grasp of technically-challenging concepts, enabling them to work better, smarter and safer.

In classrooms, our solutions are being utilized to engage learners with abstract concepts, bridging the gap between knowledge and understanding and providing better engagement and retention of information. It is easy to see that we augment the learner’s ability to learn, yet what is less obvious and just as true is that we augment the teacher’s ability to instruct by expanding upon their repertoire and resources.

We are developing interactive VR lessons that will allow children to gain knowledge in a new and unusual format. Such lessons will give children access to the most modern chemical laboratory, allow them to create their own robot, study human anatomy or witness the birth of the universe. Experiments, tests and excursions in virtual reality will be a common part of future education that we create today.

Our journey so far!


Our journey began, to put the ideals of augmenting human capacity into action. We had this un- describable urge to create something with the future technology – Virtual, Augmented & Mixed reality

2016 - 2018

We learned long ago that there is such a thirst for growth and a great curiosity about immersive learning itself. However, there were three main problems: the lack of standardization of the hardware, the lack of availability of ready-to-use products (materials), and the lack of supporting research to justify the effectiveness of immersive learning. Above all, you need to invest! We started our mission by researching world-class immersive learning products. This identified another problem. Who will make this product? It wasn’t enough to have a team of a dozen dedicated individuals building a few learning modules. We needed a team of visionaries and a highly skilled workforce and we came to realize that we needed to partner with several group to achieve our vision. We would face challenges that no others would encounter because of the depth and breadth of the library of immersive content which we would come to build. We soon developed an understanding of various immersive technologies, the issues of implementation, performance, and operations of such solutions. Through this internal expanse of knowledge, we have been able to create something which we wanted.

2018 - 2020

After building greater internal capacity and gaining a better understanding of the unique implementation challenges, they face with their services in a variety of markets, they began providing professional services to people with a genuine interest in solutions. immersive. We realized that traditional approaches to project management and software engineering development didn’t work with immersive technologies, and non-linear approaches and methodologies such as visual storyboards for immersive storytelling and cross-platform plugins to speed up migrations on only one device had to find. to others and so on.


With a wealth of knowledge and knowledge gained from developing and spreading our own services in various markets and providing development services in our education system, we are now ready to share this knowledge with the world. To this end, we have built an ecosystem through our platform to enable third-party developers and content providers to use the capabilities of our platform to create world-class immersive products and distribute those products through the marketplace. It’s not enough just to produce a product and hope it gets discovered. The right processes and channels must be in place. We have it all