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Augmented Reality Children's Books That Will Engage Students


Do you remember how easy it was to learn all the animated charts and interactive 3D visuals during school? Unlike 2-dimensional drawings on a whiteboard, you not only have to redesign your own notebook, but also imagine in your head what it will look like and work with? Yes, we are not.


Today, Augmented Reality (AR) is definitely taking over not only the entertainment and retail sectors, but also education. It provides a whole new and fast way to learn, even if you are a 3rd year medical student and learning surgical techniques while children are learning about animals. Together with VR EMERGE, we are exploring new ways to implement AR into children’s educational tools.

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VR Shows For Family

Take the whole family, call friends and neighbours and take a virtual trip! Up to 30 spectators can participate in one VR session at a time.


Make a birthday surprise that children will remember for a long time! From the comfort of your room, you can stroll around the moon or swim with sharks and turtles.

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VR Shows For Schools

High performance, successful tests, league wins. All these results are based on the desire to learn. But what to do if the child does not have such a desire? We offer solutions that allow children to love science, teachers get an interactive lesson tool and the school becomes new.


VR EMERGE is a virtual encyclopaedia with which you can watch educational movies in VR glasses with the effect of complete immersion. This new educational format stimulates children’s desire for knowledge and participation in the learning process. Up to 30 spectators can participate in one VR session at a time. The encyclopaedia catalogue contains 67 scientific films from the best studies.

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VR Labs For Schools

Interactive and fun trips to the virtual world of learning for students. This increases student visualization. Just put on your VR headset and start learning. The teacher can start teaching from day one. Very simple. Research has shown that VR increases students’ interest in learning. It speeds up many complex objects with a 360-degree realistic display.

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Hero Mirror

Hero Mirror is a standalone augmented reality solution that offers users an immersive, personalized experience of animated, green or voluminous AR content. Hero Mirror is a popular tool for live connection to any space.

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AR Broadcast

The cutting-edge AR experience on the big screen, Broadcast AR, can attract individuals and groups for entertainment and education through a combination of real world and digital content, while allowing users to live an immersive 3D cinema environment and interact with realistic photographic characters in real life. time.


Without distractions from downloading the application, users will see, learn, listen and experience the unique “edutainment” experience presented by AR very clearly, even if it is hard to believe.

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Live Avatar

Live Avatar, our plug-and-play 3D character control system, integrates with Broadcast AR to provide a unique augmented reality experience.

Live Avatar offers 100% live interaction between the audience and any 3D character controlled by the actor in real time.

Live Avatar creates a unique level of entertainment in a fully gamified AR environment that is ideal for education and entertainment.

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Mobile AR

Our mobile solutions allow customers to view high quality photorealistic products or 3D animated characters, sample brand experiences and drive them to buy anywhere, increasing conversion and click-through rates. Augmented Reality allows users to immerse themselves in brands and products and experience them outside the confines of physical stores.