virtual reality for education

Do you want your children not to associate school with boredom and coercion? Do you want to encourage your children to learn and spread their knowledge?

 We have created a way to combine education, entertainment and modern technology, and we have created the VR EMERGE virtual encyclopaedia. With its help, every child can teleport in a plant cell, fight viruses in the human body or fly to Mars..

Something you can’t see with the naked eye, something you can’t touch, that’s hard to explain in words and hard to imagine ..  Can  now be felt, seen and easily understood because the action is taking place before your eyes!

An interesting, safe and simple lesson of imaginative virtual reality with VR EMERGE is a way to travel anywhere in space and change the behaviour of your children in science. Watch educational movies with virtual reality goggles with the whole family!

Watch educational films with virtual reality glasses with your whole family!

At home or out of town, with family or at a fun party – choose one of the many movies and treat children and adults to incredible emotions!

Take the whole family, call friends and neighbours and take a virtual trip! Up to 30 spectators can take part in one VR session at a time Create a birthday surprise that children will remember for a long time! From the comfort of your room, you can stroll around the moon or swim with sharks and turtles.

No special conditions or long preparation is required for the session. Our operator will bring all the necessary equipment.